July 7, 2017

April 2017

Female Athlete | Nirandra

Nirandra Sivakumar, 12, has been a client for 10 months. She participates in Tennis. Nirandra is a client who understands the program very well and makes improvements every single day. She will take every coaching point and make the right adjustment to increase her athletic performance. We are excited to see Nirandra continue to develop and evolve her athletic performance. When asked about MU HPI, she said, “My favorite part is the coaches do their best to make me a better athlete.”

Male Athlete | Bradan

Bradan Scmidt, 11, has been a client for  a couple of months. He participates in Soccer and Basketball. Bradan is a quiet, hard-working kid. Many times he hardly needs any coaching because of his focus and attention to the coaching points he receives. This is a testament to his determination to excel in sports. We are thrilled to see what the future holds for Bradan and his athletic career. When asked about MU HPI, he said, “My favorite part is the games we play at the end of workouts.”

Group Athletes | Lifetime Strong