June 19, 2019

April 2019

Female Athlete | Christina Hackamack

Christina Hackamack

Christina has been one of our most consistent clients for the last 10 months. When she first came in we were able to get through half of her workout and now she has gotten in such great shape that she gets through it all easily. We have to get creative with her programming to challenge her. All of this I give credit to her and her work ethic and more importantly showing up each and every day. We talked about being consistent in your training all the time with our athletes but Christina is the best we have seen at this.   When asked about HPI, Christina said ” My favorite thing about HPI is the philosophy of the staff. Starting with my first visit, there has been a plan to achieve my physical goals but the process has also been fun. I look forward to my time at HPI.”


Male Athlete | Ben and Aiden Forrest

Ben and Aiden Forrest

Ben and Aiden Forrest have been fun athletes to work with the last 4 months. Both were referred to us from physical therapy due to injuries they were both coming back from. They are the type of athletes you look forward to training for a few reasons: 1) they have fun with the workouts and bring great energy ; 2) they work extremely hard ; 3) they are coachable and try to apply what the coach is telling them ; 4) they are always competing against each other or themselves to get better and achieve that next level of performance. When asked about HPI, Ben said, “What I like the best are all the coaches that have helped me get better at lifting and help me reach my goal.” When Aiden was asked about HPI, he said, “I would say my favorite thing about HPI is the amount of fun I’ve had and how much I’ve learned in only the couple of months I’ve been going and how I look forward to several more months of grinding.”

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