September 27, 2018

January 2018

Female Athlete | Katelyn

Katelyn Sanders

Katelyn Sanders has been a client for more than three months. She originally came to us to transition from therapy for a knee injury. Even though we are still in the beginning phases of transitioning, she is now working toward competing at a high level in rugby. Katelyn is very dedicated to her training, whether that is constantly asking why and how to do things better or writing her own notes for that day. There are few athletes as dedicated to their craft and getting better. She is doing all of this while maintaining a full-time job, as well. She is an easy athlete to work with and makes every training day enjoyable. “One of my favorite things about HPI is the time and commitment invested in both developing my goals and helping me pursue them,” she said. “Thanks to their programming and attentiveness, I’ve transitioned from being unstable on crutches to being a significantly better athlete than I was prior to injury. Thanks HPI!”


Male Athlete | Steve

Steve Mickelson

Steve Mickelson has been a client for six months. Steve is always so helpful in class and keeps everyone on their toes with a positive attitude. He is always willing to lend a hand when other clients need it most! “It was a year ago that I visited MU Human Performance Institute, observed the Rock Steady Boxing class and talked with trainer Courtney. I signed up and still go, because it’s not a competition, it’s a challenge — a challenge to help make my life better. My life is better for it, and along the way I’ve met a lot of great people too, all doing their best regardless of age or ability, because it is a challenge, not a competition. That’s what I like about the Rock Steady Boxing program at MU HPI.”




Group/Team of the Month | Professional Player Development Group

Professional Player Development Group