February 21, 2019

January 2019

Female Athlete | Margo Frossard

Margo Frossard

Margo Frossard has been a client a little over 2 months. From her first training session to now, Margo has always been a very intrinsically motivated individual. It doesn’t matter who is coaching her, what class she is participating in, or what the exercise/drill is…she is going to perform it to the best of her abilities each and every time. As a coach, you don’t see that that often where an athlete will work just as hard when you’re watching compared to when you’re not. She exemplifies what every coach looks for in a leader. We have all the confidence in the world that Margo will succeed in many things on and off the field of play. When asked about HPI, she said: “My favorite part is the coaching staff because they make training fun, while still pushing you to improve and get the best results possible.”


Male Athlete | Tristan John

Tristan John

Tristan John has been a client for 3 months. In our time of training many athletes, we have seen a lot of very competitive kids. Tristan ranks near the top in his competitive spirit. What makes Tristan a little bit different is he doesn’t need others to compete with, he always competes against himself which is very important for many athletes to understand. He has figured this out at a young age and we are excited to see how far his work ethic, great attitude, and competitive spirit take him. When asked about HPI, he said: “My favorite part is the competitive atmosphere that pushes myself to work for results.”

Group/Team of the Month | Hickman Baseball

Hickman Baseball