September 28, 2018

July 2018

Female Athlete | Mary

Mary Roberts

Mary Roberts has been a client for a little over 3 months. When she first came to us she admitted she wouldn’t be able to do much due to limitations she had. We slowly progressed each and every day and now her workout intensity is one of the highest in the facility. This has everything to do with her attitude and willingness to push herself. It also worth mentioning that she used to train 1-2 days a week early on and asked to go to 3 days a week because she is bound and determined to meet her goals. We all believe in her and know those goals will eventually become reality. When asked about MU HPI, she said, “What I like most about HPI is the staff. They all are knowledgeable and skillful about what they do, and they couple that knowledge with their warm and caring spirits. Not only have I received the right amount of encouragement and direction, I witness the coaches sharing their expertise with all of their clients each and every day. Well done! I am surprised and humbled to have been selected as HPI’s Female Athlete of the Month; moreover, I could not have achieved this honor without the amazing staff at HPI! ”



Male Athlete | Alex

Alex Ross

Alex Ross has been a client for a little over 8 months. A. Ross is a former running back with the Oklahoma Sooners and Mizzou Tigers. After graduating with his undergrad and masters he pursued an NFL career. After returning to Columbia after a brief stint with the Seattle Seahawks, he began training at HPI. Just so everyone can get an idea of how hard this guy works and his consistency, he came 4 days a week for 36 weeks straight before he moved to Texas. That is crazy! One has to think about everything that can go on to skip a session (sickness, work, family, etc.) and A. Ross didn’t miss for 36 weeks in a row. Other than that, he was a crowd favorite as well. Many times his training was with our middle and high school athletes and they all looked up to him and didn’t ‘big time’ them because he was a former collegiate and professional athlete. He mentored them and joked around with them to make everyone feel a part of the family. When asked about MU HPI, he said, “There’s not a better place in town to train in my opinion. Along with theexpertise and guidance on my program, HPI also had a family feel to it which made me love working out here. HPI the family!”


Group/Team of the Month | Professional Player Development Group

Professional Player Development Group