September 5, 2017

June 2017

Female Athlete | Martha

Photo of Martha

Martha Jolly has been a client for almost a year. She was one of the original clients who help start and promote our Lifetime Strong class. She always has a great attitude towards training and is among all of our clients as one of the most competitive. She also does a fantastic job of inspiring other clients to partake in the class and encourage them in the class. When asked about MU HPI, she said, “Since starting Lifetime Strong in October 2016, I have improved in strength, balance, and overall fitness. Garrett does a great job giving a variety of ways to do each exercise, to safely work within any individual physical limitations. Always challenging us to challenge ourselves. Love this class – thanks!”

Male Athlete | Jignesh

Photo of Jingesh

Jignesh Dave has been a client for almost 3 months but in that time he has proven to be the most dedicated client we have ever coached. That is no slight to any other client we currently or have ever trained. Jig is a unique client who had a spinal cord injury and is looking to start walking better and running again. He researches exercises and programs himself and gives positive suggestions to help improve his ability. He also will perform every exercise with literally everything he has to ensure he is getting better from it. When asked about MU HPI, he said, “I have contacted several fitness trainers in last one year to work with me post physiotherapy training, none worked out as expected, couple of them lost interest in few weeks,as they couldn’t figure out right exercises to improve basic movements, others do not had confidence to resolving some strength and coordination issues. So I asked physiotherapist Jonathan at MU University Hospital to find me right trainer/gym, he recommended HPI, where I met Garrett for initial consultation, my first impression was very positive as Garrett seemed to be excellent knowledgeable person and other trainers are great as well, very friendly atmosphere, importantly no matter what, they will not lose interest working with you and won’t stop pushing you to the limit,in other words HPI is the best place to be trained in general or for specific training, transitional training. With in couple of months I have got some major improvements strength wise and I am confident that at HPI I will achieve my goal sooner than I or anyone else has expected.”

Group/Team of the Month | Tolton Boys/Girls Multi-Sports

photo of Tolton Boys/Girls Multi-Sports photo of Tolton Boys/Girls Multi-Sports