September 28, 2018

June 2018

Female Athlete | Erika

Erika Foster

Erika Foster has been a client for a little over 2 months. She has been on a mission since first arriving to achieve her goals. This a lot of time means coming in 2 times a day: once in the morning and once in the evening. When you think of strong, fit females you think of Erika which motivates all of our other clients. When asked about MU HPI, she said, “I love HPI because the environment and variety of exercises keep me on track with my fitness goals. The coaches are encouraging and push me to my limits and the other members are always so supportive. I definitely feel like I get a ton out of the classes because I can interact with a group, yet am still able to individualize the moves to fit my personal goals. The classes are always different and exciting so I never get tired ofcoming. I highly recommend HPI to all!”



Male Athlete | Sam & Tyson

Sam and Tyson

Sam Stichnote and Tyson Smith have been clients for a little over 2 years. Every summer these two multi-sport athletes come back to train and we look forward to it each and every year. It’s hard to meet two high school kids that are more respectful than these two. Along with their amazing work ethic, you can tell they both are high character kids. That’s why it comes to no surprise that they are both very successful in each sport they participate in. We wish them both the best of luck this upcoming school year in all their activities and know we could see both of them playing college sports in the near future. When asked about MU HPI, Sam said, “My favorite thing about HPI was the dedication of all the coaches to not only coach but also create a great relationship with all the athletes no matter what age or athletic ability.” When asked about MU HPI, Tyson said, “My favorite thing is how invested the trainers are into each athlete. They really care about your personal well-being and success in all sports.”


Group/Team of the Month | Tolton Multi-Sports

Tolton Multi-Sports girls
Tolton Multi-Sports boys