June 22, 2016

May 2016

Female Athlete for May 2016


Female athlete of the month for May 2016

Haley, 17, has been a client of MU Human Performance Institute for more than a year and trains weekly. She participates in golf at Rock Bridge High School.

Haley is one of those athletes you live to train for because of their dedication and commitment to the process. She also has a personality that is exuberant and makes everyone smile every time she sets foot in our facility.

“I enjoy the community feel of the environment and how everybody pushes each other to get better,” she said. “The coaches are more than instructors, they connect with us and make training enjoyable.”

Male Athlete for May 2016


Male Athlete of the Month for May 2016

Luke, 15, has been a client of MU Human Performance Institute for two years now and trains three times a week. He participates in football and basketball at Father Tolton Regional Catholic High School.

Luke is a “gym rat” and we have to kick him out of the gym sometimes, which is definitely a good thing. He wants to get better so bad that he is willing to sacrifice a lot of time in order to achieve his goals. We are proud of the accomplishments he has had thus far in his career and look forward to great things to come from him.

“MU HPI and the trainers help me become a better athlete,” he said.

Group of the Month for May 2016

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