August 8, 2017

May 2017

Female Athlete | Aparna

Photo of Aparna Sivaraman

Aparna Sivaraman, 12, has been training for almost a year. She participates in tennis. She started off in our system very quiet and unsure of herself but has improved significantly in a short period of time. She is a very coachable athlete, and you can now see excitement from her in all aspects of training. This is a big deal for athletes looking to succeed because this will ensure they give their best effort every time they train. We are excited to see Aparna continue to showcase her talents both in our facility and on the tennis courts. When asked about MU HPI, she said, “It’s fun because of the atmosphere feeling like a community. This is because many of my friends train here as well. I have gotten a lot faster, and people have mentioned that my speed has improved a lot since coming here.”

Male Athlete | Carson

Photo of Carson Prenger

Carson Prenger, 14, has been training for more than a year now. He participates in multiple sports including football, basketball and baseball. He is an athlete who could win the athlete of the month recognition many times. He travels from Wardsville every day he trains, and he treats it like a business trip. This means he shows up, gives it 100 percent and then “clocks out.” A coach does not always have the luxury to get athletes who are this dedicated. We are fortunate enough to have plenty of athletes like this, but Carson definitely stands out as one of our best. When asked about MU HPI, he said, “My favorite thing is how hard the coaches push me to improve myself each and every day.”

Group Athletes | Rock Bridge Soccer

Photo of Rock Bridge soccer team