September 28, 2018

May 2018

Female Athlete | Kaye

Kaye Mallory

Kaye Mallory has been a client for a little over a month. Kaye is the definition of consistency. She shows up at the same time Monday – Friday, many times getting here early to get some additional cardio in. Other than being consistent one of the other things we love about Kaye is her persistence. Without going into too much detail she has battled a lot of things that would make most people quit. She has handled it with grit and continues to push on. She is truly an inspiration to watch work towards her goals each and every day. When asked about her favorite part of MU HPI, she said, “Part of feeling good after working out is not feeling guilty for skipping the gym. HPI encourages me to show up each and every day.”


Male Athlete | Jaren

Jaren Lewis

Jaren Lewis has been a client for a little over 2 months. Jaren is one of those ‘silent warrior’ types of kids. He seems very quiet and reserved but is one of the most competitive people I have ever met. It is a joy to watch him compete against others and himself every training session. He has big goals of playing college football and with his work ethic and competitive spirit these goals will soon become reality. When asked about his favorite part of MU HPI, he said, “HPI is a great place to go to get some work in.”





Group/Team of the Month | Rock Steady Boxing

Rock Steady Boxing