December 27, 2018

November 2018

Female Athlete | Jill Sigler

Jill Sigler

Jill Sigler has been a client for nearly two years. She has been a coach’s favorite since she became one of the first members of “Lifetime Strong”, a newer class. She gives the coaches as hard of a time as we give her (in a good way though), she works extremely hard and has continued to push past her comfort zone to improve even after a hip replacement. Jill often gets here 30 minutes before the class starts to complete corrective exercises. She goes above and beyond what we ask of her leading to great progress. I could go on about how she’s an inspiration after coming back from a hip replacement or how the group feels like they’re missing a piece when she’s not here, but I think the characteristic that stands out the most is how great of a person she is. She is extremely encouraging and positive to all of the HPI Family and genuinely cares about other people. For all of this, we thank her for being part of our family. When asked about HPI, she said, “To pick one favorite activity at HPI is very difficult, because I love all the workouts! So, if I had to pick one thing most important to me, it is all the staff but especially Garrett who works with us the most. He is responsible for planning each workout (activities which challenge us to do our best), taking us through them (making sure we have the correct technique), and keeping us motivated and happy that we are making ourselves “lifetime strong!”


Male Athlete | Saathvik Kannan

Saathvik Kannan

Saathvik Kannan has been a client for a year and a half. Saathvik has been up for athlete of the month several times already throughout his duration at HPI. The reason he is always a consideration is because of his likability. Every coach vividly enjoys training him. We are all big kids at heart, and it is fun to joke around with him. He always has a smile on his face with a contagious enthusiasm when he trains. All of these reasons plus the fact that he is a very intelligent and coachable athlete makes him a no-brainer selection for athlete of the month. When asked about HPI, he said, “My favorite thing is the Coaches…plus the only time I sweat is at HPI!”

Group/Team of the Month | Lifetime Strong

Lifetime Strong