December 20, 2017

October 2017

Female Athlete | Prathy


Prathy Premkumar has been a client for just over 3 months. In that time we have witnessed her grow up and develop as a person and athlete. She is a very intelligent athlete. In her short time here she already knows her workout and what is expected of her because she listens so well to coaching cues. We are excited to continue to train her and watch her improve her overall performance. When asked about MU’s Human Performance Institute, she said, “That I get stronger and it helps me with my sports.”


Male Athlete | Joe


Joe Vittone is an excellent client but an even better person. Joe has participated in our Lifetime Strong class for more than four months but has been a part of the HPI family for quite some time, as his wife, Susan — a former athlete of the month — has been in our Rock Steady Boxing program for awhile. In this time we have discovered how kind Joe can be. He often assists with the Rock Steady Boxing class after his intense 60-minute workout. Most people would want to relax afterward, but that is a testament to his personality. When asked about HPI, he said, “I have never been a person who enjoys exercise. My experience at HPI has been life-altering. The Lifetime Strong Program has given me the motivation to exercise. The staff at HPI is very encouraging. I have made many new friends at the exercise class and now look forward to attending the class and exercising.”

Group/Team of the Month | MU Army ROTC