November 21, 2018

October 2018

Female Athlete | Cailin Collins

Cailin Collins

Cailin Collins has been a client for a little over a year. She started last year with us as part of the Mizzou Cheerleading squad that comes in and trains as a team. Due to their hectic schedule they come and train whenever they have time. No one has been more consistent with training than Cailin. She hasn’t missed one day of scheduled training this semester which is quite impressive considering all of the responsibilities she already has on her plate: School, Cheer, Travel, Student-Teaching, etc. That alone is enough to give her this much deserved award but I believe one of the biggest reasons is her personality. She is one of the most polite people I think I have ever encountered which makes training her that much greater. When asked about MU HPI, she said, “My favorite thing is the variety of exercises we get exposed to. It makes the work out fun and challenging.”



Male Athlete | John Crouse

John Crouse

John Crouse has been a client for two months. Ever since John has stepped foot in our doors, he has been one the most consistent and hard-working athletes we’ve had and his results thus far are a testament to that. John has been training in our Driveline Throwing Velocity program and started out throwing 73 mph with a baseball and 80 mph with our under-load ball. John has already brought his fastball up to 81 mph and his under-load throws have brought him into the 90 mph club in a very short time frame. He has been a wonderful athlete to coach. He’s been extremely receptive of advice and constantly seeks us out for ways to improve. Beyond that, he is an all-around great kid that we enjoy having in our facility at any time. When asked about MU HPI, he said “I enjoy coming to HPI because I have seen large improvements in the couple months I’ve been here. I like that I get to work on specific muscle groups that I don’t get to work on in school weights.”


Group/Team of the Month | FIT for Health A.M. Group

FIT for Health A.M. Group