November 27, 2017

September 2017

Female Athlete | Kathy

Chatty Kathy

Kathy Rinehart-Hansen has been a client for more than a year and a half. Kathy is our hype lady! She keeps us excited to be here and laughing for 90 minutes. Her nickname is Chatty Kathy for a reason. She is very upbeat and gets everyone involved in her madness! When asked about MU HPI, she said, “I enjoy the Rock Steady Boxing program because this program is research-based and focuses on the concept of intense, forced exercise. I look forward to working out with my “Parky” boxing buddies and Courtney Meyers, our coach. This program has changed my life and others.”


h2>Male Athlete | Roman


Roman Puri has been a client for more than three years. He participates in golf and is looking to start his high school golf career at Rock Bridge High School this year. In his long time at our facility, we have seen him go through ups and downs, but he has always maintained a positive attitude. Coming back from a hip injury, he has shown tremendous progress and growth. We can’t wait to see how he continues to progress and improve throughout his high school career. When asked about MU HPI, he said, “My favorite part is the atmosphere. It makes you feel like you are at home when you are there. The energy is always high and I like that.”


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