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My Thoughts Monday: The Fourth Pillar of LTAD

In this My Thoughts Monday video, the Human Performance Institute trainers explain the fourth pillar of the Long-Term Athletic Development model that HPI uses to improve athletes of all ages. The fourth pillar focuses on the importance of trying a variety of sports during youth to acquire a broader physical literacy, or athleticism, to improve Read more about My Thoughts Monday: The Fourth Pillar of LTAD[…]

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Long-Term Athletic Development Pillars

Last month, I explained the Long-Term Athletic Development model. This month, I will go into more detail about the pillars needed for a successful LTAD program.   Pillar 1 LTAD pathways should accommodate for the highly individualized and nonlinear growth and development of youth. Problem: Many people come to the MU Human Performance Institute thinking Read more about Long-Term Athletic Development Pillars[…]


Nutrition Tip: Mom Was Right About Breakfast

In this month’s nutrition tip, we are discussing breakfast, which your mother always told you was the most important meal of the day. We hope you listened. In our nutrition acronym FASTER, breakfast is the S — “Start With Breakfast.” After six to eight hours of fasting in your sleep, your metabolism has slowed down Read more about Nutrition Tip: Mom Was Right About Breakfast[…]