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Nutrition Tip: Always Hydrate

As an athlete, you’re burning through massive amounts of resources when you train and compete. You’re sweating, maintain body temperature, building new muscles, and through all of this staying hydrated is crucial. Water acts as a lubricant for bodily functions, flushes out toxins, delivers nutrients, and helps you stay full and energized. We can’t stress Read more about Nutrition Tip: Always Hydrate[…]

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Understanding Long-Term Athletic Development

Long-Term Athletic Development, or LTAD, has been a hot topic as of late in the strength and conditioning community. My goal with this article is to educate everyone on what it is and how we implement it here at HPI. Research conducted by Sport for Life indicates this is an understanding that human development from Read more about Understanding Long-Term Athletic Development[…]

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Boxing program helps patients with Parkinson’s disease

“Where’s the noise, folks?” Kathy Rinehart-Hansen yells out as she pounds her red gloves into her opponent, punch after punch, hook after hook, with increasing force. The crowd erupts into cheers. “You got this, Kathy!” “Knock ’em down!” Onlookers half expect the bell to ring and the announcer to shout “knockout,” but this isn’t a Read more about Boxing program helps patients with Parkinson’s disease[…]