Nutrition Tip: Ectomorph – Eating for Your Body Type

We all come in many shapes and forms. People who can eat just about everything in sight without gaining weight are classified as ectomorphs. They can be identified from their lean frame and thin/lanky limbs.  Ectomorphs looking to gain weight and muscle mass should follow these basic tips:  Quality Calories –Remember that you are what you Read more about Nutrition Tip: Ectomorph – Eating for Your Body Type[…]

Nutrition Tip: Maintaining Weight

When it comes to weight management, most people focus on losing or gaining weight while a few opt to maintain their current weight. For athletes, maintaining weight is vital to optimizing in-season performance. It’s important to maintain the progress you made in the off-season. If you start losing a lot of weight, your strength and Read more about Nutrition Tip: Maintaining Weight[…]

Nutrition Tip: Common Diet Myths

Myth #1: Carbs are bad for you/make you fat Whether you’re an 18-year-old male or a 50-year-old woman, you need carbs. Cutting carbs from your diet will leave you lacking energy, vital nutrients, and potential health risks. Low Carb Diets may cause weight loss initially but not fat loss. Without carbs, your body uses protein Read more about Nutrition Tip: Common Diet Myths[…]

Nutrition Tip: Eating Right on Gameday

Eating right on gameday is an athlete’s secret weapon for maximum performance. An athlete requires many key nutrients to meet the energy demands of their sport and failing to fuel up properly on game day can prevent you from burning out late in the game. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when planning your day before Read more about Nutrition Tip: Eating Right on Gameday[…]

Fruits & Veggies

Nutrition Tip: Fruits and Veggies

Are you eating enough fruits and vegetables? Fruits and vegetables are a form of carbohydrates and are important for maintaining energy levels throughout the day. They are full of vitamins and minerals that boost the immune system, aid in recovery and are important for bone health. They also can improve your performance on the field. Read more about Nutrition Tip: Fruits and Veggies[…]

Fit couple drinking water

Nutrition Tip: Always Hydrate

As an athlete, you’re burning through massive amounts of resources when you train and compete. You’re sweating, maintain body temperature, building new muscles, and through all of this staying hydrated is crucial. Water acts as a lubricant for bodily functions, flushes out toxins, delivers nutrients, and helps you stay full and energized. We can’t stress Read more about Nutrition Tip: Always Hydrate[…]