Nutrition tip: Carbs fuel body and mind

Last month, we covered a big-picture approach to nutrition. Now, we’ll begin a deeper dive into the nutrients we need. The first is carbohydrates. Carbs are your main source of energy. Besides providing energy to our muscles, they also fuel the brain, which leads to an increase in concentration and improved performance. There are four Read more about Nutrition tip: Carbs fuel body and mind[…]

Training Tip: Positive Self-Talk

Training and nutrition play a vital role in maximizing your performance. But don’t forget about the mental aspect of fitness. Just like physical training, mental conditioning is a skill, and we need to train it. For this month’s tip, let’s address self-talk. What is self-talk? Simply put, it is talking to yourself. If you think Read more about Training Tip: Positive Self-Talk[…]

January Standout Story: Tyler Gooch

Each month, MU Health Care’s Human Performance Institute will give special recognition to a client who embodies the characteristics we prize. These attributes include working hard, exceeding our expectations, being coachable, displaying great energy and attitude and showing improvements. The first honoree is Tyler Gooch. T, as we know him, has been training with us Read more about January Standout Story: Tyler Gooch[…]

Woman tests reflexes

Five Ways to Improve Athleticism

Whether you are a competitive athlete or someone who just plays the occasional pick-up game, you can improve your athleticism. Garrett Buschjost, the head trainer and supervisor of MU Health Care’s Human Performance Institute, has a five-part strategy for athletic performance enhancement.   1. MOVE WELL IN ALL PLANES No matter the stage of life, Read more about Five Ways to Improve Athleticism[…]

Rock Steady boxing participants

Boxing program helps patients with Parkinson’s disease

“Where’s the noise, folks?” Kathy Rinehart-Hansen yells out as she pounds her red gloves into her opponent, punch after punch, hook after hook, with increasing force. The crowd erupts into cheers. “You got this, Kathy!” “Knock ’em down!” Onlookers half expect the bell to ring and the announcer to shout “knockout,” but this isn’t a Read more about Boxing program helps patients with Parkinson’s disease[…]