Nutrition Tip: Gaining Muscle

When male high school athletes are training, they often ask, “How do I gain weight?”

There are many groups that need to gain weight while training, but the question is most common among this group. The first thing we remind clients is it can be easy to gain weight, but you have to work to gain muscle.

If all you do is gain fat, then it will not lead to better athletic performance. You have to be smart about eating and remember the rules of FASTER in order to make sure you’re gaining as much lean muscles mass as possible.

Key Points

  • It takes roughly 3,500 calories to gain 1 lb of muscle and you need to choose foods that will fuel your muscles.
  • The largest portion of calories will come from starchy, whole grain carbohydrates and vegetables/fruits to keep energy levels high when training.
  • The second largest source of calories will be lean protein to ensure muscle growth and repair.
  • You need to eat larger servings to be in a caloric surplus, aka, taking in more calories than you burn. You can ensure this by eating often…every 3-4 hours.