November 15, 2017

Athletic Performance

Our Athletic Performance Training uses a Long-Term Athletic Development (LTAD) model that enhances physical preparation for your sport, reduces and manages risk of injury, instills mental toughness and inspires confidence. We accomplish this by training all areas of athletic performance such as strength, explosive power, speed, agility, balance, endurance and visual reaction in a principle based manner.

The principles we use are Progressive Overload, Individuality, Specificity and Variation. Next we divide the workouts into our 7 Pillar Pyramid based on an athlete’s training age (the number of years a person has been training). For example, Athlete A is 12 years old but has never trained vs Athlete B is 12 years old and has trained for 2 years. In this example Athlete A’s training age is 0 and Athlete B’s is 2.

We pride ourselves on being able to optimize training for our athletes. Through research and experience, we’ve found that 2-3 days of training is most optimal for beginners and intermediate athletes. We use a Block System for our scheduling of workouts, similar to some local schools. We use an A, B, and C day template. Each of those days has a different emphasis, but every day still follows our principles and pillars of our program.

  • A Day is focused on Acceleration
  • B Day is focused on Agility
  • C Day is focused on Top-End Speed

Before participating in the program, all athletes are required to complete a Pre-Training Evaluation. This allows us to write the appropriate program for that individual as well as ensure they have the capabilities to train safely. This 90-minute assessment, which costs $50, analyzes body composition, movement patterning and establishes performance benchmark and goals.

Here are the following tests we conduct (these are subject to change based on the latest research and best practices):
• InBody Composition Analysis
• Functional Movement Screening
• Y Balance Test
• X-Box Kinect Landing Test
• Force Plate Jump Tests
• Vertical Jump Test
• Broad Jump Test
• Sprint Test with video analysis
• Agility Test

The Evaluation is $50. Group training sessions are 90 minutes and below are our most popular packages:

• 5 sessions $80.00
• 10 sessions $160.00
• 15 sessions $225.00
• 30 sessions $420.00
• 50 sessions $600.00
• 100 sessions $750.00

NOTE: All packages expire 1 year after purchase.