November 3, 2017


Anand Chockalingam


Our 14-year-old son has played competitive tennis for five years. To compete with older high school and college players, his technical skills alone were not sufficient. Since the start of 2016, he has been training one-on-one at the Human Performance Institute (HPI) to develop his endurance and speed.

Garrett takes the time and effort to understand each athlete, their specific needs and challenges, goals and dreams. His enthusiasm for fitness training translates into the trust and strong bond with the athlete, which in turn produces amazing sporting results! All the trainers at HPI share this common passion for teaching, inspiring and connecting with the athletes.

They combine science and art to improve strength, movement, confidence, focus and provide the mental edge to succeed in sports and life! HPI approaches this systematically, incorporating diet and nutrition, mental fitness and employing advanced equipment to improve reaction time and judgement. Our son is now playing at a higher level, winning more and enjoying every aspect of the sport with the right attitude. We thank Garrett and team every day for encouraging our teenager to work harder and reach higher!

Scott Wittenborn

Rock Bridge High School Boys Soccer Coach

Garrett Buschjost and the other trainers were instrumental in preparing our team for competing at the highest level of high school soccer in Missouri. They are able to balance truly hard work, while maintaining a light and friendly atmosphere.

Garrett shows a level of preparation seen with many big-time coaches. He goes above and beyond what is expected by discussing things such as diet, PEDs, sleep, alcohol use, etc., with our guys to make sure they know how to make educated decisions. He can frequently be seen at our games cheering on our team. He truly cares about the athletes that he works with and does whatever he can to not only prepare them for their sports, but also to help them with life.

Susan Vittone

Rock Steady Boxing Client

I am a recently diagnosed Parkinson’s Disease patient and have had the privilege of attending the Rock Steady Boxing Class taught by Courtney Meyers at HPI here in Columbia. I have been attending the class 2-3 times a week since April. From the beginning evaluation by Becky Edwards to every class I have attended, it has been a wonderful experience in which I am so grateful to have learned about. Courtney is an excellent instructor. She deserves 5 stars! She has shown me that I can do so much more than I ever dreamed of doing physically. She is so positive and supportive. Since attending classes, I have gained back my confidence in fighting this disease and am growing stronger physically, mentally and emotionally.

I cannot thank the University of Missouri enough for sponsoring this class. They have found the best instructor! We work hard, sweat, laugh and have a camaraderie that is so beneficial. I would highly recommend this class to any Parkinson’s patient, no matter how long you have had the disease or how old or young you are. You will be amazed at the results!